Boys 50s Shirt, Vest, Suspender Pants Pattern Advance 8216

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Boys' 1950s Vintage Suit Separates; Shirt, Weskit, Pants and Tyrolean Suspenders: Pants in either long or short versions with suspenders. For tyrolean look trim the pants and button-on-suspenders. Pants have pointed built-up waistline front and back. Patch pocket. Shirt has convertible collar, long or short sleeves.

Advance 8216
Copyright 1950s

Pattern is neatly cut, pants to longest, and in very good condition. The instruction sheet is somewhat fragile, partially split at folds, though complete. The envelope is in fair condition, aged and torn at flap across front.

Boys' size 3
Chest 22" (56 cm)
Waist 20.5" (52 cm)

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